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Get Help Developing a Parenting Plan in Ottawa 

Are you struggling with developing a workable parenting plan for your children? Julie I. Guindon can help! She is an experienced parenting coordinator in Ottawa who supports separated parents having trouble creating a plan regarding vacation time, custody, guardianship and more. As an experienced family lawyer and parenting coordinator in Ottawa, Julie I. Guindon has the skills to provide you with the mediation that you need. She will prioritize the well-being of your children while representing your rights.


In many cases, the involvement of an experienced third party can resolve long-standing issues and create a parenting plan that prevents future conflicts. Julie I. Guindon is well acquainted with family law and has helped countless clients develop a sustainable parenting plan in Ottawa.

Would you like to learn more about our parent coordination and parenting plans in Ottawa? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your queries.


What Is Parent Coordination?


Suppose you are a parent having day-to-day conflicts regarding a parental arrangement or if there are problems in equal distribution of vacation time between two parents, a parent coordinator can help in resolving such issues. 


Parent coordination is a form of dispute resolution for high-conflict parents. Parent coordinators are trained to understand the needs of children, help both parents arrive at a common consensus and help parents manage to keep children out of conflicts. 


Who We Help


It is most useful for parents who already have parenting plans or permanent arrangements in place by court order or a written agreement. Parent coordination is meant to help implement and work in coordination with existing arrangements such as:

  • Custody
  • Guardianship 
  • Access


As a family lawyer, Julie I. Guindon offers help with parenting coordination in Ottawa. Rather than going back to court to enforce parenting plans, a parenting coordinator can help both parties minimize parental conflict. While parenting coordination does not replace mediation or other means of negotiation, it provides parents in disputes with the consistent, ongoing guidance of a qualified professional. 

When Is Parenting Coordination Commonly Used?

The goal of parenting coordination in Ottawa is to reduce conflict between parents and help the children experience more stable and loving homes. Parents often seek the help of parent coordinators when:

  • Disagreements persist even after other means of conflict resolution have been tried
  • Parents have difficulty communicating and sharing child-related information in an effective way
  • One or both parents have concerns about drugs, alcohol, child abuse or the stability of the other parent
  • Parents need help changing their parenting plan as circumstances change
  • The parenting plan needs clarification

Contact Us about Parenting Plans in Ottawa

Parent coordinators help minimize parental conflict by developing effective problem-solving and communication skills and assisting parents with the successful implementation of their parenting plan. If there is a dispute about the plan, the coordinator will help mediate an agreement between the parties or use arbitration to make a binding decision (based on information from the parents and other sources) that is in the best interests of the child.


Whether one or both of the parents are contributing to the conflict, parenting coordination in Ottawa can help by ensuring orders and agreements are safely implemented and adhered to. Combining mediation and arbitration practices, as well as elements of coaching and education, a parenting coordinator serves as the primary resource for co-parents wishing to end their conflicts. If you are a co-parent seeking to remove parental conflicts from your child’s life, contact Julie I. Guindon.


Additionally, Julie I. Guindon also offers mediation-arbitration settlement service to settle disputes between parties without involving court.

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