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Legal troubles significantly impact our lives. When the issues are family-related, the procedure becomes even more difficult. At Julie I. Guindon, we understand how you feel when dealing with a legal issue. We have years of expertise helping people and are committed to providing you with reliable legal counsel services. Let us assist you in achieving a sensible conclusion in any family matter, such as divorce or child custody.

Our legal counsel provides extensive advice and specialized solutions for all of your legal challenges. Our lawyers will thoroughly take care of your case and resolve your problems. Contact us for mediation, parenting coordination, or any other legal services.


About Julie I. Guindon

Julie I. Guindon - Barrister & Solicitor, Mediator & Arbitrator has been assisting families in Ottawa for more than 25 years as they negotiate the complexities of family law proceedings. Guindon has handled divorce, custody, child access, child support, property division, and various other legal matters for her clients during the course of her career. She is dedicated to combining her years of knowledge with genuine care for the well-being of families. Call Julie I. Guindon right now to talk about your specific situation.

Our Legal Counsel Services in Ottawa


Julie I. Guindon has gained experience in providing numerous legal services:


     Family lawyer: If you face any type of legal family matter, Julie I. Guindon can help you find a beneficial solution for both you and your family. Julie I. Guindon deals in family law, including divorce, separation, child custody, child and spousal support, and property division.


     Parent coordinator: A parent coordinator can assist you in addressing difficulties such as day-to-day disagreements over a parenting arrangement or challenges with the equal allocation of holiday time between two parents. Consult Julie I. Guindon if you are a co-parent who wants to eradicate parental disputes from your child's life.


     Mediator: Mediation is a situation where one doesn’t have to visit the court to resolve a legal issue. This service can assist in reducing hostility and tension between parties. Julie I. Guindon is a mediator who can assist parties in reaching an agreement without going to court

Wills & Estates


Protect your family’s future today with thorough, reliable will and estate drafting services from Julie I. Guindon. The offices of Julie I. Guindon also provide the power of attorney counsel to clients throughout Ottawa. These are some of the most prudent decisions you can make to ensure your family’s stability in the years to come and Julie I. Guindon is pleased to offer her services to you.


Mediation & Arbitration


Julie I. Guindon provides mediator and arbitrator services to families in Ottawa. Our services are cost-effective and confidential. To learn more about our legal counsel services, give us a call.

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