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Wills and Estates Legal Counsel in Ottawa

Life is unpredictable. It is always better to ensure that your loved ones and dependents are protected when you are gone. At Julie I. Guindon, our will lawyer in Ottawa can assist you with all your property-related issues.


You can consider us for your wills and estate planning and make changes later as and when the situation demands. Our experienced lawyers understand your diverse yet specific needs regarding wills and estates. At Julie I Guindon, we ensure to assist you throughout the litigation process.

Questions about our Services?

Questions about our services?


Wills Preparation and Estate Planning

Our wills and estates Ottawa lawyer can help you make an informed decision. Such as suggesting what you should include in your wills and estate planning. You can opt for double, reciprocal, or mutual wills based on your preferences and condition.


Double wills are used as estate planning techniques and help minimize your probate fees to be paid on death by your estate. Reciprocal or mirror will refer to situations or cases when terms of the will are decided based on a contract. In such situations, couples make wills with their respective lawyers, mirroring each other’s wills.


Mutual wills refer to when the couple mutually prepares and decides the terms of the will. It helps in offering clarity in estate planning. Get in touch with us for wills preparations and estate planning in Ottawa.


Importance of Wills


We understand various challenges that you or your family might have to face with the sudden demise of your loved one. But, having a will in place from a legal counsel ottawa plays a very important role because:


  • Choice of beneficiaries: With a will, you can decide who receives your assets after you're gone.

  • Selection of executor: You get to appoint someone you trust to manage your estate and carry out your wishes as specified in the will.

  • Prevention of asset freeze: A will helps prevent your assets from being frozen, ensuring that your loved ones have access to them without unnecessary delays.

  • Avoidance of probate fees: Having a will in place can save your loved ones from paying probate fees, which can be substantial.

  • Appointment of guardians: You can specify who will take care of your minor children in your absence, giving you peace of mind about their well-being.

  • Protection of children's interests: Ensuring that your children are provided for financially and cared for according to your wishes is possible with a will.

  • Facilitation of tax and estate planning: A will allows for the smooth execution of specific tax and estate planning strategies, making it easier to manage your affairs after your passing.


By creating a will, you not only protect your assets and provide for your loved ones but also ensure that your wishes are carried out as intended. It's a vital step in securing your family's future and minimizing potential conflicts or uncertainties during an already difficult time.


Importance of Hiring a Professional Will Lawyer


When it comes to creating a will, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a professional will lawyer. Here's why hiring a professional will lawyer is important:


  • Legal expertise: A professional will lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of estate planning laws and regulations. They can navigate through complex legal requirements, ensuring that your will is valid and legally enforceable.

  • Personalized guidance: A lawyer can provide personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances. They take the time to understand your wishes and goals, offering insights and recommendations to protect your assets and fulfill your intentions.

  • Avoiding errors and challenges: DIY wills or poorly drafted wills can lead to errors, ambiguities, or contradictions, which may result in disputes or complications after your passing. A professional will lawyer ensures that your will is clear, comprehensive, and legally sound, minimizing the chances of challenges or misinterpretations.

  • Estate planning strategies: A skilled lawyer can assist you in developing effective estate planning strategies. They can provide advice on minimizing estate taxes, protecting assets, establishing trusts, and ensuring the smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries.

  • Updates and amendments: Life circumstances and laws may change over time, requiring updates or amendments to your will. A professional will lawyer can help you review and modify your will when necessary, ensuring that it reflects your current wishes and remains legally valid.


Julie I. Guindon is the trust will lawyer in Ottawa. Whether you need to get your will prepared now or need help in estate planning, our experienced lawyers can help. Contact us today to book a consultation!




When it comes to resolving disputes, having a professional arbitrator is important. At Julie I. Guindon, we understand the importance of impartiality and expertise in this process. Our arbitrator acts as a neutral entity, hearing evidence and making binding awards that uphold fairness and justice.


Like the court process, arbitration involves both parties presenting testimony and evidence. However, it's typically more formal and includes fewer out-of-court negotiations. Our arbitrator at Julie I. Guindon is skilled in settling various disputes related to spousal support, parenting responsibilities, property division, and more.


If traditional arbitration is unsuitable for your case, we offer mediation-arbitration. This hybrid approach combines the benefits of mediation with the assurance of arbitration, providing a comprehensive solution if you are in need of a professional arbitrator.

Benefits of Arbitration in Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that offers several benefits for parties seeking a resolution outside of court. Here are some key benefits of arbitration:


  • Speed and efficiency: Arbitration can often be faster than traditional litigation. The parties can avoid lengthy court procedures and have more control over the timeline. Arbitration can resolve the dispute promptly, saving time and resources.

  • Expertise and neutrality: Arbitrators are often selected for their expertise and knowledge in the specific area of the dispute. They provide a neutral perspective and can make informed decisions based on their understanding of the subject matter. This expertise enhances the quality of the decision-making process.

  • Confidentiality: Arbitration proceedings are generally confidential, allowing parties to maintain privacy and avoid public exposure. This confidentiality can be particularly valuable in sensitive matters or disputes involving proprietary information.

  • Flexibility in procedure: Unlike court proceedings, arbitration offers flexibility in procedure. The parties can agree on the rules and format of the arbitration, tailoring the process to suit their specific needs. This flexibility allows for a more customized and efficient resolution process.

  • Finality of decisions: Arbitration awards are typically final and binding, providing a sense of closure to the dispute. The parties can move forward knowing that a decision has been made and the matter is resolved, avoiding prolonged uncertainty or the potential for protracted appeals.


Julie I. Guindon recognizes the advantages of arbitration as a dispute resolution method and can provide guidance and representation for parties seeking to resolve their disputes through arbitration. Contact us today to book a consultation with our experienced arbitrator in Ottawa.

Contact a Mediation Lawyer in Ottawa


Mediation can be used for family law matters such as divorce. This service can help relieve tension between parties and reduce hostility. The mediator commonly goes back and forth between the parties, discussing the dispute and exploring mutually beneficial resolutions. This allows each party to have the opportunity to control the result and be part of the resolution.


Most disputes are successfully resolved, ending with the parties entering a written settlement agreement. Both parties share the costs of mediation; if they cannot reach an agreement, they can still go to court. If mediation is the best way to resolve your dispute and you are looking for a dependable mediator in Ottawa or need a professional arbitrator, contact Julie I. Guindon.

Questions about our services?

Seeking Reliable Legal Assistance?

As Ottawa’s trusted mediator, Julie I. Guindon will help you resolve your disputes effectively.

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