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Experienced and Reliable Mediator in Ottawa

Mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes without going to court. Involving an independent third party called the mediator helps both sides of an issue come to an agreement. Julie I. Guindon is an experienced mediator in Ottawa who can provide you with mediation services to facilitate stress-free dispute resolution. Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle a wide range of disputes, such as:

  • Family
    • Parenting plan which includes custody and access to the children
    • Child and spousal support
    • Special and extraordinary expenses for the children
  • Division of property 
  • Estates
  • Powers of Attorney

If you are looking for a reliable mediator in Ottawa, reach out to us. We can help you with your legal disputes.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration aim for the same goal, which is resolving disputes between parties, but both legal processes are very different in terms of the procedures.




Mediation is a voluntary process that both parties must agree to. The goal is to arrive at an outcome that both parties are happy to accept. In mediation, the process is a negotiation rather than a hearing, with both parties reaching a mutual resolution with the assistance of the neutral facilitator. Mediators do not render awards, find fault or make determinations during this process. Instead, mediators help communicate, assess, obtain relevant information, and develop opinions. The main focus of mediation is on the parties, helping them work towards a mutually beneficial solution. They can include out-of-court negotiations. 

The mediator will meet with each party separately to learn about their issues before preparing an agenda that will serve both parties' requirements.  The procedure often requires three to four meetings, during which the parties sign a written agreement acceptable to both sides and resolve their conflict. 

People often prefer mediation as it is emotionally and financially less taxing and can lead to faster resolutions. Mediation also helps both parties have better communication and understanding of each situation. Julie I. Guindon is a mediator in Ottawa, offering her services to help parties reach a solution to their problems without going to court. If you think you need mediation services, let us know. We’ll be happy to assist you.


How Does Mediation Help Resolve Disputes?


Mediation is a valuable process that can effectively resolve disputes and help parties reach mutually acceptable solutions. Here's how mediation can help in resolving disputes:


  • Facilitates Communication: Mediation provides a structured and neutral environment where both parties can express their concerns, needs, and perspectives. The mediator helps facilitate open and constructive communication, ensuring that each party has an opportunity to be heard and understood.

  • Encourages Cooperation: Unlike adversarial processes, mediation promotes collaboration and cooperation. The mediator guides the parties in identifying common interests and exploring creative solutions that meet their underlying needs. This collaborative approach often leads to more satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved.

  • Maintains Control: In mediation, the parties maintain control over the decision-making process. They actively participate in shaping the outcome and have a say in the final agreement. This empowers the parties and increases their ownership and commitment to the resolution.

  • Flexible and Customized Solutions: Mediation allows for flexibility in finding solutions that are tailored to the unique circumstances of the parties. The mediator helps generate options and assists the parties in evaluating the pros and cons of each proposal. This flexibility allows for creative and innovative agreements that may not be available through traditional legal processes.

  • Preserves Relationships: Mediation focuses on preserving relationships, particularly in family disputes. By promoting understanding, empathy, and effective communication, mediation helps parties maintain respectful and cooperative relationships, which is especially important in co-parenting situations.


Julie I. Guindon, an experienced mediator in Ottawa, understands the benefits of mediation and is dedicated to assisting parties in resolving their disputes amicably and efficiently.




In arbitration, the arbitrator is a neutral entity that hears the evidence and makes an award that is binding upon the parties. In this way, arbitration is similar to the court process, with both parties providing testimony and giving evidence. Arbitration is generally more formal and usually involves little or no out-of-court negotiations between parties. Arbitrators can be called upon to settle disputes over spousal support, child support, child custody and access, and property split.

If you think neither of these will work for your case, Julie I. Guindon also offers mediation-arbitration, a hybrid solution wherein the process begins with mediation.

Benefits of Arbitration in Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that offers several benefits for parties seeking a resolution outside of court. Here are some key benefits of arbitration:


  • Speed and Efficiency: Arbitration can often be a faster process than traditional litigation. The parties can avoid lengthy court procedures and have more control over the timeline. With arbitration, the dispute can be resolved promptly, saving time and resources.

  • Expertise and Neutrality: Arbitrators are often selected based on their expertise and knowledge in the specific area of the dispute. They provide a neutral perspective and can make informed decisions based on their understanding of the subject matter. This expertise enhances the quality of the decision-making process.

  • Confidentiality: Arbitration proceedings are generally confidential, allowing parties to maintain privacy and avoid public exposure. This confidentiality can be particularly valuable in sensitive matters or disputes involving proprietary information.

  • Flexibility in Procedure: Unlike court proceedings, arbitration offers flexibility in procedure. The parties can agree on the rules and format of the arbitration, tailoring the process to suit their specific needs. This flexibility allows for a more customized and efficient resolution process.

  • Finality of Decisions: Arbitration awards are typically final and binding, providing a sense of closure to the dispute. The parties can move forward knowing that a decision has been made and that the matter is resolved, avoiding prolonged uncertainty or the potential for prolonged appeals.


Julie I. Guindon recognizes the advantages of arbitration as a dispute resolution method and can provide guidance and representation for parties seeking to resolve their disputes through arbitration. Contact us today to book a consultation with our experienced arbitrator in Ottawa.

Contact a Mediation Lawyer in Ottawa


Mediation can be used for family law matters such as divorce. This service can help relieve tension between parties and reduce hostility. The mediator commonly goes back and forth between the parties, discussing the dispute and exploring mutually beneficial resolutions. This allows each party to have the opportunity to control the result and be part of the resolution.


Most disputes are successfully resolved, ending with the parties entering a written settlement agreement. Both parties share the costs of mediation, and if they are unable to reach an agreement, they can still go to court. If you think that mediation is the best way to reach a resolution for your dispute and are looking for a dependable mediator in Ottawa, contact Julie I. Guindon.

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