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Julie I. Guindon, Barrister & Solicitor, Mediator & Arbitrator offers citizens throughout Ottawa time-tested legal counsel for any issue they may face. Whether you require skilled representation for a family law case, would like to prepare a will for your family’s wellbeing or if you seek mediation and arbitration solutions, you can rely on Julie I Guindon’s legal expertise. For legal consultations, call us today.


Our Legal Services

As trusted legal counsel in Ottawa, Julie I. Guindon offers the following legal services:


Family Law

When there is a dispute in the family, it can lead to a lot of legal tangles. With professional legal counselling for family issues and settlements, you can ensure a hassle-free resolution. Julie I. Guindon is your experienced family lawyer who can help you deal with divorce, separation, child support, spousal support, and much more. We also provide separation agreement services for easy, out-of-court settlements.


Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination services offered by Julie I. Guindon can help manage high-conflict visitation and child custody cases. Even when a separation or divorce is completed, the disagreements regarding parental arrangements can continue, resulting in a stressful situation for you and your children. In such a scenario, dispute resolution through parenting coordination can prove effective. With our consistent professional guidance, parental conflicts can be gradually overcome.



For settling disputes without involving the court, you can trust the mediation-arbitration services by Julie I. Guindon. A hybrid solution, it involves both mediation and arbitration as the means of dispute resolution. With us, you can experience quick and efficient settlements, while having a greater degree of flexibility and convenience.



If you want to avoid the hassles of litigation, trust the mediation services offered by Julie I. Guindon. Compared to resolution in the courts, mediation offers a lot of flexibility and has proved to be an effective way of dealing with a wide range of disputes. Whether there is an issue regarding property division or child custody, we try to facilitate a fair resolution that ensures mutual benefits for both parties.


How We Provide Professional Guidance

Julie I. Guindon is committed to offering professional legal services that can help both individuals and businesses. Our expertise with family law, mediation and arbitration procedures, among others, make us dependable legal counsel in Ottawa. We understand that legal hurdles can hamper your life. That’s why we are here to make you aware of your rights and obligations and facilitate satisfying resolutions, irrespective of the complexity of the dispute.


If you need the services of an experienced lawyer in Ottawa, schedule a consultation with Julie I. Guindon. After a discussion regarding your legal needs, we will provide you with your legal options and help you make an informed decision regarding your next course of action. Julie I. Guindon’s offices can be found at the corner of Slater and Metcalfe streets in Ottawa and are wheelchair accessible. Contact us in case you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.


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