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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Family Lawyer in Ottawa

The sad reality is that there's never a happy or joyous reason for needing a family lawyer. However, choosing the right family lawyer is one of the two pillars that can help you get the best outcome for your case. The other pillar of success is being the best possible client they can work with.

From your first meeting, your lawyer will ask questions about your family history, request many documents, and even ask you to refrain from certain activities. Learn more about what a family lawyer in Ottawa needs from you in this brief guide.

Goal Setting

If you haven't chosen a lawyer yet, consider what you want at the end of the case. For example, a barrister or an attorney can represent you in court if you see your case going that far, but almost any family lawyer can help if all you want is advice. Similarly, you need a lawyer dealing with parenting responsibilities if you have young children.

If you have a lawyer, there are still goals you need to think about. Do you want a separation agreement or divorce? What should the parenting plan look like, and how will it affect your work?

Family law issues can quickly escalate to the point of needing to go to court. That is why we recommend finding a lawyer to handle that right from the start. That way, your case doesn't suffer from the long and confusing pause that can happen from changing lawyers.

Document Preparation

The desired conclusion of your divorce case may be rooted in a present problem. Any documented evidence you have of that problem is vital to the case and should be with you at the first meeting. For example, a police report of some sort of abuse.

Even in uncontested divorces,  lawyers still need all the documents that show a complete picture of your life. Some examples include statements for assets and debts, cohabitation/marriage contracts, income statements, and similar documents.

If you're not sure whether something's important, bring it anyway. It's always better to be overprepared.

Emotional Preparation

The best way to get a great outcome is by being completely honest from the first family lawyer consultation. Misrepresenting your situation or spouse is likely to do much damage as it leaves your lawyer open to being surprised.

You must also be prepared to consider all your lawyer's advice carefully. An expert in family law knows how strong your case is and what it would take to get the best outcome. Sometimes, the best possible outcome may not be what you expected, like having to make a parenting plan with the person who hurt you so deeply. 

Let the Best Family Lawyer in Ottawa Help You

Family law cases can be tremendously stressful, but your first family lawyer consultation doesn't have to add stress. For a relaxed first visit, prepare your documents and be willing to share and listen. Only once your family lawyer understands your situation and goals can they start working on the way forward.

Working with the best family lawyer in Ottawa gives you peace of mind that you'll get what's suitable for your family. At Julie I. Guindon, we back that pledge up with decades of expertise. Schedule your first consultation with us to put your family matters in trustworthy hands.

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